What a shock!!

I came back to this blog after a very long time (couldn’t remember the email) and I find three whole pages or new followers :D Just… wow, so I feel like I need to come back to this blog, so expect more post from me :)    

Joker and Mini Joker.

Joker and Mini Joker.

WHY HAVEN'T I BEEN FOLLOWING THIS BLOG I wish I found this blog sooner it's so cool <3

Thank you so much :D but why go on Anon to tell me?

Black Mask and punching people.

Batman: Under the Red Hood.

I have a Riddler roleplay account on facebook and decided to edit a few Neil Patrick Harris picture to use for it.

Thought I’d share them on here.

Nurse Joker.

Harley Quinn in Injustice

Harley Quinn in Injustice

Anthony Misiano. aka The best Joker Cosplayer ever